Kai-Zen change (kai) for the good (zen).


ICK Trading is Kaizen Minded, we thrive for transparency and positive growth. Kaizen is the philosophy that is adopted by manufacturing giants like Boeing and Toyota.
The aim is to improve and refine processes, in turn everyday work more sustainably and responsibly.

It originated in Japan and the word translates to mean:
Change (kai) for the Good (zen).

The proactive approach for continuous & incremental improvement is called Kaizen.
Essentially it is an ethos built on the use of Key life experiences to improve yourself, and in turn your world/workplace, for tomorrow. 

Kaizen is more a philosophy than a specific tool, this approach is found in many different delivery improvement methods to ensure Total Quality Management (TQM) in processes.
Kaizen acknowledges all members who are responsible for identifying the gaps and inefficiencies. Everyone at every level in the organization is encouraged to suggest where improvements can take place, even the consumer. This is becoming more prevalent everyday with greater transparency as a result of our connected world.
Kaizen aims for improvements in productivity, environment, effectiveness, safety, and waste reduction, and those who follow the approach often find a whole lot more in return:

Less wasteinventory is used more efficiently as are skills and experiences.

People are more satisfied they have a direct impact on the way things are done.

Improved commitmentteam members have more of a stake in their home and are more inclined to commit to doing a good job.

Improved retentionsatisfied and engaged people are more likely to stay.

Improved competitivenessincreases in efficiency tend to contribute to lower wastage and a higher quality of life.

Improved day to day life satisfaction – coming from higher quality of life with fewer conflicts.

Improved problem solvinglooking at processes from a solutions perspective allows us to solve problems continuously.

Improved teamsworking together to solve problems helps build and strengthen existing teams,

All these translate to personal savings and turn potential conflicts into experiences.

You can gain the benefits of the kaizen approach in many other working / home environments too,  at both a personal level or for your whole team, family, household or organization