Banshee B200 Jigsaw Evo 2 - 5" Frame

Banshee Mini Quad Frames

The Banshee Jigsaw Evo 2 has been reborn as a compact 5" hybrid race/freestyle frame that supports standard, mini and micro cams. The sandwich plate now incorporates press nuts for easy arm removal and general maintenance.

The frame is tight, but assembly is kept neat and minimalist creating an awesome hybrid freestyle or racing quad. Rock up to an FPV competition with 1 style of quad for 2 applications, and all you need to change is your rates and PID profiles..

The default frame comes with 35mm standoffs, 4mm 5" arms and the clean 2mm top plate. 

Recommended setup:

1. Any F3 or F4 Flight Controller

2. 2207 - 2306 : 2400KV - 2450KV Motors

3. 30-35A ESCs

4. Any 25-800mw VTX

5. HS1177 camera

6. 5" props

7. Receiver of your choice - make sure its compact!

8. Any 1300mAh 4S or 1500 4S will fit

Category: 5" Frame, BARGAIN BIN

Type: Frame