Banshee GoJira (Godzilla) Freestyle 5" Frame

Banshee Mini Quad Frames

The GoJira incorporates a true X design for exceptional stability and ease of tuning from the get go (stock PIDs perfect!) to make it one of the easiest frames to build and fly at all levels of the game - beginners to expert. A focus has been placed on extreme core strength with 8mm total carbon thickness at the heart of the beast, while upping the camera pod crash rigidity (especially when crashed with a GoPro). The sandwiched 4mm straight cut replaceable arms have been designed for strength and 2mm sandwich plates with press nuts incorporated help for quick parts replacement in the field. The 2mm pod plates have endless functionality with 20-50deg adjustable locking standoffs for the FPV cam to prevent movement - but utilising the same pod all the time and field adjustment capable instead of having to replace the pod to suit the intended application.

The frame itself weighs in at 135g but leaving nothing on the table a sub 340g (excl Gopro & Lipo) build is easily achievable with the right gear. Expect an AUW of 600-620g

Recommended setup (Freestyle):

1. FuriousFPV Kombini, Fortini F4 OSD or BetaflightF3/F4 AIO FC or similar FC (stacks work no problems)

2. Brother Hobby R6 2306 2450K<sub>V</sub>

3. Aikon BL32 32bit 35A 4S are perfect

4. FuriousFPV Stealth LR 700mW VTX or Stealth Race 25/200mW VTX

5. Foxeer HS1177, Runcam Swift 2 or similar FPV cam

6. HQ 5x4.5 V1S HQ or Dal Cyclone 5046C or similar

7. Receiver of your choice

8. Dinogy Graphene Ultra 1300mAh, or Tattu v2 100C 1550 fat pack - anything sub 180g

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