Dragonfly MC1105 Micro Motor 7500kv


Dragonfly MC1105 Micro Class Racing Motor 7500kv

X-Racer KL-EX90 LOS Maiden Flight : Insane 2inch Power! By the RCAddict

These are the new Dragonfly MC1105 7500kv brushless motors for micro class racing quads. They have been proven powerful and reliable at race track, while our team pilot Ka Kei Leung flew the 2" KL-EX90 with these micro motors to compete with 4s 5" bigger racing quads. Click to watch the video. Recommend to use Gemfan 2-3" propellers and 12A ESCs.

Dragonfly MC1105 Mini Motor Specifications:

  • KV: 7500KV
  • No.of Cells(Lipo)): 2S-3S
  • Stator Diameter: 11mm
  • Stator Length: 5mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
  • Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len): Φ14.2×14.45mm
  • Weight (g): 6g
  • Recommended propellers: Gemfan 2-3″, Gemfan 2035BN
  • Recommended ESC: 12A

Category: High Kv Motor

Type: Motors

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