Foxeer Lollipop 3 Omni Antenna 5.8 GHz (SMA)


Shell material: Imported PC + ABS
Weight: 7.3g
Antenna length: 60mm
Center frequency: 5.8 GHz
Gain: 2.5 Dbi
Bandwidth: 500 MHz (5.5-6.0 GHz)
Matching: VSWR < 1.2 (at center frequency)
Axial ratio: <3db
Center frequency: 5750MHz
Radiation efficiency: 98%
Polarization: RHCP 
Colour: Purple,Black,Green, Red (Optional)
Connector: SMA
* Body adopt imported PC+ABS material, can withstand high strength impact.
* IRoot reinfircement design 360° protection.
* Low feeder loss, easy to install, can be bent at any angle and maintain.
* Double-jacket semi-rigid cable for heavy impact resistance.

Package Includes:
2 x Foxeer 5.8G Lollipop 3 2.5DBi Omni Antenna

Category: VTX Antenna

Type: FPV

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