Furious FPV Pin Wheel Antenna RHCP (SMA)

Furious FPV

Furious FPV Super Short CP Antennas - Clarity & Quality in Compact Form.

A perfect fit for micro quads, Furious FPV keeps bringing the best with our latest CP (circular polarized) antenna in a sub compact form, allowing ease of mounting on micro sized machines.

Super short with no cable within, these multi color CP antennas are everything you need and nothing you don't for that perfect micro fit. Add ease of use with a common SMA Male layout, and you don't have to worry about adapters that add weight, degrade signal and make the antenna more prone to damage.

For the best video reception in the micro quad world, Furious FPV has you covered with a multi colored layout that matches your race winning style.


- Ultra Light Weight
- Compact Form for Micro Quad Application
- Popular RHCP Polarization - Optimized 1.7dBi Gain
- Epoxy painted to prevent corrosion
- Available in Black, Red, Blue, & Green


Frequency: 5.8GHz

Gain: 1.7Dbi

SMA Connector: SMA Male

Application: Micro Quads

Polarization: RHCP (Right Hand Circular Polarized)

Beam Pattern: Omnidirectional

Weight: approx 1.55g

Ultra Compact, Super Short.

Designed specifically for the micro quad scene, the Furious FPV Super Short Antennas are a perfect fit in a compact layout, making ease of use without the need to utilize internal cabling. Simply put, this CP antenna sits right on top of your VTx for the ultimate in signal strength and video clarity.

Common RHCP Layout.

With a RHCP (Right Hand Circular Polarized) layout, Furious takes advantage of the most common antenna layout, making it simple& easy to match up with myriads of other RHCP antennas on the market today.

Optimized 1.7Dbi Gain

The low 1.7Dbi gain equates to a broad omnidirectional beam pattern for the perfect medium range flight envelope. Want to take it a bit further? Add a directional antenna to your Rx, and you can push the range like never before.

Multi Color Madness.

Furious FPV knows personalization, and with our Super Short CP Antennas, we offer (4) different colors to choose from - all coated in metallic free paint that is both durable and perfect for the best in signal clarity. So, pick your poison and match the perfect color to compliment your favorite micro quad.

High Strength, Low Weight.

Ultra light and built for a beating, our Super Short CP Antennas are designed to take abuse and keep on trucking. With a epoxy reinforced weld construction, these antennas optimize functionality with a penchant for durability.

Category: BARGAIN BIN, FuriousFPV

Type: VTX Antenna