HQ Durable 5x5x3V1S


Type: Props



 HQprop Co are dedicated to providing high quality RC model UAV propellers that suit everything from Mini Racing / Acro Quad-Copters to larger Multi-Rotors and Aerial Photography Drones.
HQ designers have collaborated with both the frame manufacturers and notable pilots like Chad Nowak AKA Final Glide Australia since 2012 to develop a vast range of higher performing, more efficient and even durable props for FPV racing. available in blue,red green and black! please note if the colour you choose isnt available we will send the closest colour available if you only want the colour you have specified please send us a message with your order


Length: 5 inch


Blades: 3

Material: Poly Carbonate

Hub Diameter:13.4mm

Hub Thicknes:7mm

Shaft: 5mm

Weight: 4.5g

Color: Black,Light Blue,Green,Red

Adaptor Rings: NO

Includes: 2XCCW Prop,2XCW Prop

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