Rapstrap 300mm Cable Wrap 6pk


Type Rap strap 300mm Cable Wrap
Rap Strap Colour Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow Or Natural/White Rapstrap
Length 300mm
Special Attributes 60% Stretch and tested to carry 12 kgs
Weight 18.45 grams per 6 straps
 Material Soft Flexible, Stretchable, Non Destructive Rubber
Application Multi-Purpose, non destructive cable tie
  What is Included 6 Rap straps

A re-tie able Cable Management Solution that is Like No Other.

Rap strap is made using a soft and flexible material and can stretch by up to 60%.
The specially shaped cells are designed to exploit this feature, and they deform and flex in just the right way to permit them to pass through one another.
This novel design is a radical departure from the traditional nylon tie, which forms a single, rigid loop which cannot be reused. By contrast,

Rapstrap is more like an elastic band, offering a softer binding that can be pulled to any required tension.
Rapstrap is a long chain of cells that can slide through each other forming loops at any point, which can then be pulled tight.
The remaining portion of the cable tie can be cut off and used again and again.

As a result a single Rapstrap can produce several cable ties, and just gets a little shorter with each use which can reduce waste and save money.

1.Each strip produces 6 cable straps. To remove a Rapstrap cable tie from the strip, pull apart by holding the tongues firmly.

2. Always thread the tongue through the cells toward the end of the Rapstrap. This maximises the loop size and minimises waste.

3. Cut and repeat for more cable ties. The unused Rapstrap portion can be removed and used again. Straps typically provide 3-5 cable ties.

Category: Cable

Type: Accessory