Spedix gs40 4in1 bl_heli_32 esc


Product Details

Look out 6s pilots, Spedix has just released there newest offering for the 6s monsters hitting the tracks and flying fields all around world. Larger MOSFETSallow for better curent handling which results in pure performance. As always, no expense was spared to bring the highest quality and best performance of any 4in1 esc on the market.

GS40A-4IN1 is designed to be the best performance and reliability in the 4-in-1 ESC domain. 

To achieve the target, we use the lowest RDS standard size 5x6mm MOSFET with only 0.85mOhm resistance, making the ESC 40A capable in the real world. In contrast to the 30V MOSFET used by most competitors in the market, this 40V MOSFET improves the overall reliability in fast response to throttle signals. To meet the strict requirements in racing competition, we designed 50V power supply circuit and 5V clean output. To improve high current workload, we use high TG PCB of 6 layers even though the cost is much higher. On top of all these excellence in product designs, our engineers managed to control the dimensions to be the same as a standard 36mm flight controller board, without sacrificing the precious space in a quad.

Input Power: 2-6s
Continuous Current: 40a
Burst Current: 45a>10s
BEC: 5v 2a
Current Detection: Yes
Firmware: BLHELI32
High Voltage MOSFETS
Telemetry and Current Protection

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