Whipit 3D PLA Tiny Whoop Camera Mount

Whipit 3D

Blade Inductrix FPV Camera Mount for Tiny Whoop PLA 3D Printed

This is a Camera/VTX mount for the Blade Inductrix. It fits the ever popular Quanum/HK/Banggood Micro Camera/vtx combo.

The mount holds the camera securely and eliminates the chance of tearing a SMD component of the board with aggressive double sided tapes.

All stock hardware is used, for super simple installation.

  • Just remove the front, and 2 side Flight Controller Screws, press them into the mount, and reassemble.
  • Slip the cameras power wires through the hole in the mount, and seat the camera in the mount.
  • Solder your power wires to the Battery input pads and your ready to fly
  • Made in Australia by Whipit 3d

Category: Camera

Type: FPV